Troop Enhancement

Initial Ability

• Attack Power : Displays each unit’s attack power to a opponent.

• Defense Power : Displays each unit’s defense power from an opponent.

• Logistical Time : Displays traveling time this unit will take. The lower the time, is the faster the movement speed.

• Carriage Capacity : Displays how much of goods this unit can carry.

Operation Cost

• Displays hourly amount of resources this unit will consume while in player’s command.

In Empire age, Troops attack and defense ability can be temporarily boosted in the Monument.


General Bonus : This option will consume your resources and temporarily boost troops attack and defense.

Radical Bonus : This option will consume DENA and boost attack and defense power more than General Bonus boost.


• When this boost timer becomes 0, the boost effect will no longer exist.

• While troops are moving and the time becomes 0, the boost effect will be removed.

• These boost options are stackable for the duration only. It’s boost value won’t stack up.

Troop Recruitment

Troops can be recruited in Barrack facility. Variety of new troop types can be researched for hire in Barrack as well. Input desired amount of soldiers to be recruited and it will start recruiting soldiers. This recruit process can be manually cancelled and once cancelled, 70% of the resources used for this recruitment will be returned. However, this will not return resources for the number of soldiers that already have been recruited as of the time of cancellation.)


Expedited Troop Recruitment

When recruiting soldiers, it will consume certain time and resources depending on the type of the unit to be recruited. If a player uses “Accelerated Recruitment” item, it will shorten remaining time for the recruitment.


What is Accelerated Recruitment” Item?

This item will reduce the recruitment time by 25%. However, it can only be used ONCE for each type of troops that are currently positioned in the recruitment queue list. This item can be purchased through item mall.

Increasing recruitment queue list

By default, players are allowed to recruit only 1 type of troops at a time. However, by using “Troop Expansion” item sold at item mall will allow players to recruit two types of troops at a same time.