In an Empire, peasant plays a very important role on empire’s growth. Gathering resources, building and leveling facilities are all done by peasants. For resource production, the more number of peasants at work, the faster the speed of resource production can be achieved. In case of inbound invasion, these peasants can be turned into militia to be the final line of defense for the territory in an emergency case. Peasants can be hired from the town center when there is enough number of houses and upgrades for accommodating them.

Peasant Recruitment: Players can recruit peasants in town center by using resources such as wood, stone, iron, and food. Switching to Militia : Players can switch peasants to militia in the town center.


Dispatching Peasant : Players can send peasant to resource gathering spot such as lumber mill, quarry, iron ore, and farmland to produce resources. Resource production speed will increase as the number of peasant at each site increases.

Peasant Summon : Players can summon peasants and dispatch them to other tasks.