Starting War

By clicking on the Military button, players can control how their troops will start war. Player may also initiate war window by clicking on other territory in the map property.

Select the target territory or input the coordinates of the destination territory. Then, select a general and troops to be sent for battle. In starting war, there are several actions that can be selected.

• Scout : Sending a scout and finding more details of the destination territory. This doesn’t require to send a general.

• Reinforcement : This option is to send reinforcement troops to allied territory


• Raid : Players can send a general and troops to steal other territory’s resource

s. (Amount of stolen resources will vary on the number of surviving troops)

• Dispatch: Players can send troops to their different owned territories.

• Invasion : Players can send their generals and troops to invade other player’s territory and this will continue until one side’s troop gets wiped out.

• Colonization War : Players can send a general and troops and start the battle. If a player wins the battle, this player can colonized the territory.

Players can dispatch their own troops to their own territories. The further the distance is from the main territory, it will take more time for the troops to arrive to the destination.

Colonization War Select “Colonization” in the military window and it will start up colonization war.


Controlling Colonized Territory

Once a player wins over the colonization war against other player, he/she can select the colonization status at the battle report window. This battle report will allow the player to select or cancel colonization relation among other colonized territories.


Cancelling Colonization

By clicking on the “Colonize” button in the left side of Main Interface, players can open up Colonize window and review the status.

How to lift Colonization

o After 72 hours of Colonization period is over, it will automatically lift the colonization status.

o If the ruling player clicks on “Cancel Colonization” button.

o If the ruled player uses “Independence” item to lift the colonization status.

o If a 3rd party player (a) wins and colonize over the ruling player (b), then (b)’s colonization relationship between ruled player (c) will be automatically cancelled.


Reinforcement Troop : Defense & Summon

Players can send troops to their ally’s territory. This dispatched reinforcement troops will start protecting the territory.

Select the troop unit type and number of soldiers to be sent as an reinforcement. Then select the territory that this batch of troops will be sent. Once the reinforcement troop batch has been sent, a player can see this troops information in military window as “Reinforcement troops” tab.


If a player desires to withdraw the reinforcement, he/she can select that option to bring back the reinforcement troops. Reinforcement Troops will consume food from the destination territory.