1. How can I conquer a town?

In Empire Rising, conquering town or engaging to battles is a very essential to the game. From it you can get resources, level up your generals or even conquer a town. To conquer town or engaged to a battle you need to do the following:

  1. Click the MAP button on the lower left of your screen and you will see the neighboring enemies and other towns
  2. Once you selected the target for battle, click it and you will see a couple of buttons including ATTACK, SCOUT, NOTE and Note list.
  3. Click ATTACK and your military window will be opened, form it you will see the coordinates of that target town, your troops and your generals, select the troops you want to deploy as well as the generals to lead your troops unto the target.

Once the battle is over you will be receiving a battle report in which will indicate the result of their mission.

2. What happen if I conquer a town?

Conquering town or engaging to battles is a very essential to the game from it you can get resources, level up your generals or even conquer a town, to conquer town or engaged to a battle that results to victory will give you points and that points will be accumulated and counted and those points will give you fame.

3. How can I set my town free?

Whenever you fail to protect your town from enraging conquerors and your resources and your town are being invaded you can still free yourself but it takes time before you get set free however if you wanted to free yourself against the invaders you can use an item called Independence declaration that can be bought in the Item Mall.

4. Can I protect my town from being attacked?

Yes you can protect yourself from being attacked specially when you are still not prepared for the battle you can use a truce scroll to cancel an attack.

5. How to ensure my victory upon my offensive attack.

In order to ensure victory upon attacking or conquering other town or tribes make sure you scouted the place first, how to do that follow this steps:

  1. Click the button MAP on the lower part of the screen.
  2. Select your target and click it, you will see a button scout.
  3. After clicking the Scout button make sure you have a scouts in your troops summon them to the target and wait till they are back.
  4. You will received a report from them containing the information about the target showing how many troops in there so to ensure victory double the amount of the troops to be sent in.

6.How will I know the result of the battle?

After every attack or scouting down by you, you will receive a battle report, you will see it blinking near your avatar on the upper left of your screen.

7. Can I fasten up the march of my troops?

In conquering towns or tribes there is always a location the farther the location of the target the slower of the march done by troops, if you wanted to fasten up the marching of the troops you may use an item called Reinforce March or Accelerate March that can be bought in the Item mall.

8. After battle how my troops can return?

After the battle the troops will also return to your town, in the battle report you will see the button RETURN if you wanted your troops to be commanded of return however if you haven't click it the troops will still return to your town.

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