Players can build different buildings in their territories. If a building slot is empty in the map, a player can click empty building slot and start constructing corresponding building. Types of available buildings to be built varies depending on the civilization age advancement level. [ie, Dark Age, Feudal Age, etc]

Once a building’s level gets upgraded, its effect will increase. In order to level up a building, click on the Level Up button in each building’s pop up interface. However, leveling up a building will require certain amount of resources to be consumed. If a player doesn’t have enough resource for leveling up a building, insufficient resource will be displayed in red color.


Accelerated Construction

A player can speed up construction time by using jewel item “Accelerated Construction” which will shorten construction time needed.

Accelerated Construction for Individual Building

Click on desired building for speeding up construction process. As shown in the image, click on “Accelerate” button to activate acceleration of the building construction. However, this option requires “Accelerated Construction” Jewel item to be consumed. Depending on the remaining time for the construction completion, a player must select quantity of this jewel item to be used.


Accelerated Construction for All Buildings

In order to accelerate construction of all the building that are currently building, click on the “Finish All” button shown in the image on the left lower corner of the game interface. This action will require “Accelerated Construction” jewel item.

Cancelling Accelerated Construction


If you click on the cancel button shown in the image, your accelerated construction will be cancelled and 70% of the resources used for this construction will be returned to the player.

Building Multiple Territories

When a player’s main territory reaches new level civilization age advancement, the player is entitled to expand one more territory. By acquiring more territories, a player may collect considerably more resources and gather more military troops. New territory can be constructed by selecting an empty slot in the map shown.


• As the main territory reaches next level of civilization age advancement, player is entitled to expand 1 more territory.

• As the main territory reaches “Empire Age”, a player can have maximum of 3 more territories and by using cash items sold at Empire Rising’s item mall, user can expand more territories.

• A player can send troops and generals between main and sub territories.

• All tasks can only be performed at main territory.

• When using “Buff” item, the buff effect will take place only for the territory that the item has been used for.